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Your heater is a major appliance which is permanently installed to provide heat to your family and your home through intermediary fluid movement�.usually air, steam or water. Most homes have a central warm air furnace which uses gas or electricity to circulate warm air through the ducts to all of the rooms throughout your home.

Now that you know how a furnace, or heater as they are sometimes called, works we can tell you what we do. Viking Heating and Cooling is a full service Chicago HVAC company providing furnace sales and installation, repair/maintenance for heating systems, heating system cleanings.

Viking Heating and Cooling services all makes and models of heaters and heating systems. In addition we also offer humidifiers, UV lights, air filters and duct work. What kind of full service HVAC company would we be if we didn�t offer air conditioning products as well? If you are looking for AC service�you�re on the wrong page and should go to our air conditioning page.

We only hire qualified, trained installation and repair technicians. Each employee has several years of rigorous training both in the classroom and on the job. Our heating contractors are instructed to deliver prompt, reliable service to each homeowner they encounter. Every one of our employees is an expert in each heating system model and ensures customer satisfaction at every job they are called to by focusing on the homeowner�s needs, timeliness and experience.

Don�t be shy to ask about warranties, both from Viking Heating and Cooling and from your manufacturer. You can even ask us about your manufacturer�s warranty! Our technicians are on call for Emergency 24 hour service, will beat any Chicago heating repair, installation or service estimate and all of our work is guaranteed with 1 year parts and labor! What could be better than that? We also provide the best customer service in the industry, offer exceptional services and strive for 100% homeowner satisfaction on every call!

New Furnace Sales/Installation

Here you can find additional information regarding new furnaces, energy efficiencies and what a new heating system means for your Chicago or Bloomington home. View each furnace model, the specs and other features. Ask our technicians which heater is best for your home when they arrive for your Free Estimate!

Heating Repair/Maintenance

There are many companies in Chicago and Bloomington who all offer repairs for heating systems, so which one do you choose? The one with the lowest price? Best name? Name brand company? Do you go with who you trust? Luckily for you we are almost all of those things � we aren�t a brand name, yet! Viking Heating and Cooling has qualified Chicago heating contractors ready and waiting to assist you. We make the service on your heater easy so you can go about your day not worrying about your heating system. Your investment is protected when you choose us. Select the right company for you and your family the first time�call us today!

Furnace Cleaning/Tune Up

On this page you will find information about the upkeep and maintenance of your heater. There are several tips to help you save money in the long run by doing little things now. These �little things� will assure your heating system continues running smoothly and will avoid costly breakdowns by inspection and cleaning from our Bloomington and Chicago heating contractors.