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What is indoor air quality? Why does a Chicagoland homeowner need to call Viking Heating and Cooling to inspect his indoor air quality? Valid questions website visitor and here are the answers. When your air conditioning and furnace are running the air is recycled inside your home over and over trapping dust, mold, pet dander, dust mites, pollen and other nasty, tiny pollutants. Bloomington residents going without treatment of air quality products can lead to health problems and allergies for your family. This doesn�t sound safe so it would be wise to call us now!

Viking Heating and Cooling offer a wide variety of indoor air quality products which include air purification, air filtration systems, air cleaners and filters, humidifiers, duct cleaning and UV lights. Each one of these indoor air quality products perform different functions but all serve to help reduce mildew, mold and bacteria, control humidity and clean the air in your home.

Our professional technicians are trained to diagnose and remove Chicago indoor air quality problemsso you and your family can enjoy a clean indoor environment free of pesky dust mites and pet dander. The technicians are highly skilled and understand theory, application and air quality product usage in order to find the best solution to your families air quality issues. We are building our reputation from the ground up based on trust, knowledge and homeowner satisfaction. Each technician has gone through years of rigorous training in the classroom and on the job so you can rest assured they are qualified.

We are a full service HVAC company for residential Chicagoland and Bloomington homeowners so we do offer heating and air conditioning services as well. You can find information on heating repairs and installation or air conditioning repairs and AC installation on those pages.

Do you need a new humidifier? Want additional information about air filters or UV lights? You may be asking yourself right now, �Self, how much does duct cleaning cost?� Grab your phone, dial our number and we will send a technician out for a Free Estimate. Our technicians deliver prompt, reliable service to each homeowner and are experts in all makes and models of HVAC equipment.

Here is a list of �terrifying� issues you may encounter with poor indoor air quality in Chicago or Bloomington:

  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Stuffy Nose
  • Itchy Eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Asthma
  • Excessive Dust
  • Dry Air
  • Musty Air

You�re right�not too terrifying but still enough to have you concerned enough to call us. Take a look at the indoor air quality products we can provide for your family in the next sections.

Duct Cleaning

On the duct cleaning page you will find information about our process of cleaning, and why you should have the work done.


This page provides information about humidifiers, their uses and why it is a good idea to have one in your home.

Air Filters

Additional information about air filters and what functions they perform in your home.

UV Lights

What uses do UV lights have inside your home? Check out this page for the answers and how to keep your family safe from pollutants.

Viking Heating and Cooling guarantees all work with parts and labor up to 1 year, will beat any competitors indoor air quality estimates and provide the best customer service in Bloomington and Chicago. What if you need assistance at 3 a.m.? We have you covered with our Emergency 24 hour service. All of this comes with our exceptional indoor air quality services, the lowest prices and our commitment to 100% homeowner satisfaction. Call us today and see what we are talking about!