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Air Filter Benefits

The air in your house is feeling a bit stuffy, cold and you can�t stop sneezing. Want to know a helpful hint? The most effective way to enhance the quality of air in your home is through an air filter. A home air filter is installed between your furnace and your return air duct in a simple process. Well, simple if you are a technician for Viking Heating and Cooling. Indoor air filters capture microscopic airborne particles like pollen, mold spores, pet dander and viruses. Those all sound bad but not to worry. We have a state of the art system which uses ionization to charge particles as they enter our purifier. Did we get too sciency for you there? Basically an air filter will capture and kill viruses, bacteria, allergens, dust, mites, pollen, fungi, smoke and a whole bunch of other small particles.

A home air filter will provide your family relief from allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. You can even tell them about all the cool information you learned about air filters and they will undoubtedly be impressed. Call us for a FREE In-Home Estimate on any air filter and we will answer any questions you have.

All of our products and services are backed by a 1 year guarantee on parts and labor. We are also available for Emergency 24 hour service and offer free in home estimates on any HVAC service or part. Viking Heating and Cooling has the best customer service in Bloomington and Chicago and the hardest working technicians in the industry. Although we are a new company, we are working from the ground up to compete with the big boys and set a foundation of 100% homeowner satisfaction. We will beat any air filter estimate you receive from any other Chicagoland or Bloomington company. Our prompt, reliable technicians wont let you down so give us a call today! Your family will thank you when they are done sneezing.

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